The Cherry Blossom in Japan

Hanami – the act of contemplating the cherry blossom – an extremely popular activity in Japan, where both local people and tourists from all over the world enjoy every year. For about two weeks between the end of March and the first half of April, Sakura trees bloom and the country’s streets are transformed into a beautiful romantic setting taken by the rose of flowers.

Cherry blossoms usually go hand in hand with Japan’s historical sites. It is possible to practice hanami in places such as shrines, temples and memorials, or in one of the many parks in the country. During the flowering of the cherry trees the most recommended is to walk the parks or have a picnic under one of the many Sakuras to enjoy spring in Japan, one of the best times to know the destination. With a pleasant climate and enchanting scenery, getting to know Japan during the cherry blossoms is a unique experience.

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